Stanton Library (2017): ‘The Automatic Future and Who is Driving’ Chair

City of Sydney Libraries (2014): Late Night LIbrary season, Host and Producer

LonCon – WorldCon (2014): ‘Science fiction beyond the English Universe’ Speaker

Sydney Writers’ Festival (2014): ‘Science and Science Fiction’ Panelist

Sydney Writers’ Festival (2013): ‘Sci-fi and Escaping the Known World’ Workshop, ‘Speculative Fiction’ Panelist

Emerging Writers Festival (2012): ‘The Reality Check’ Panel host, ‘Small Publishers Are An Author’s Best Friend’ Panelist

Sydney Writers’ Festival (2012): ‘Digital Innovations’ Panel Chair

National Young Writers Festival (2012): ‘Creative Collaborations’ Panelist

Emerging Writers Festival (2012): In conversation ‘Exploring the Digital’

Workshops and Teaching

Canberra Colleges Writing Camp (2013–18): 'The Meteor as Metaphor', 'The Journey to Publication', 'The Sentence', 'Tricks and the Marathon'

Sydney Writers’ Festival (2014):‘Science and Science Fiction’ Panelist, ‘Big World Plotting’ Workshop

New South Wales Writers’ Centre (2014 & 2015): Business of Being a Writer

New South Wales Writers’ Centre (2014): Self Publishing Survival

Seizure (2014):Prose Shop, six week intimate writing course

University of Technology (2012):To E or Not to E, Course co-ordinator, lecturer

University of Technology (2011): On-screen Editing, Course co-ordinator, lecturer

The Australian Centre for Independent Journalism (2012): Shanghai Digital Publishing and Editing Technique Group

Australian Publishing Association (2012): PA course, InDesign and workflow presentation