Book 2 of the Pierre Jnr Trilogy

June 2014 | HarperCollins Voyager

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The thrilling follow-up to The Hunt for Pierre Jnr. The Weave is left reeling after an explosion devastates the city of Busan. Who is behind it? What does it mean for the psis? Pete Lazarus has been taken captive and Colonel Pinter is discovering the joys of rejuvenation, while the most powerful telepath ever born marches steadily towards world domination, collecting subservient Citizens in his wake. In this second instalment in the trilogy, following on from The Hunt for Pierre Jnr, David Henley immerses us into a world of ambiguity where the end does not always justify the means.

Kronos has been unleashed. A failed experiment of scientist Shen Li has escaped his laboratory and destroyed the city of Busan. While this new menace threatens the world, the psis have called for open rebellion and Pierre Jnr has gone back into hiding. 

Tamsin is determined to establish a psi territory for her rebellion and will stop at noting to get what she wants. While Peter Lazarus is confined to the psi islands where he languishes in a chemical nightmare, Geof and Colonel Pinter are reassigned to discover what Kronos is and how to stop it spreading. 

But is Kronos merely a distraction set loose by Pierre Jnr to stop them pursuing him? 

Star Trek meets The West Wing and Akira in this futurist thriller about connectivity, control and artificial intelligence. 

manifestations cover
‘Manifestations is superior to its predecessor. Its fresh ideas and an engaging plot drive the story nicely. All this means that Henley’s series is shaping up well and promises a suitably epic conclusion in its final entry due for release mid next year.’
— The Australian
‘I’m not a fan of books in which an eight year old boy can be a convincing villain – but I was quickly cured of my doubts. The world Henley has built is intriguing, handed over to the reader in dribs and drabs that keep you coming back for more, and populated with a variety of characters each with their own disturbing quirks and promises.‘
Henley very skilfully presents a wide range of situations and characters and gives a real sense of a vast civilisation under threat.
— Newtown Review of Books