The Hunt for Pierre Jnr

Book 1 of the Pierre Jnr Trilogy

June 2013 | HarperCollins Voyager

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He can control us like puppets.

He can make us forget.

He is eight years old.

Some believe he is a myth, others that he is the greatest threat the world has ever known. 

Thus begins The Hunt for Pierre Jnr as World Union gather an elite team to study, track and capture the mysterious boy, but finding him triggers a series of events that lead to a huge shift in political power and the beginning of a psi revolution. 

As the regime changes to follow hardliner Ryu Shima to clamp down on the outbreak the hunt team tries to pick up the trail of Pierre Jnr but the more they learn about him the less they know. Tensions mount as the psis stage attacks and declare a revolution. The big question on everyone's mind is: How do you win a war against a telepath? 

The Pierre Jnr trilogy is a futuristic thriller that follows the twists and turns of a teetering utopia, where machine and humanity have no borders in a world that seems eerily similar to our own and scarily different.

‘A fantastic look at the idea of human prejudice and fear… He [David M Henley] has the potential to be another Peter F Hamilton or Daniel Suarez…’
— Fantasy Book Review
‘This future world takes the ethical dilemmas and tendencies of our own time on some scary trajectories . . . I enjoyed this novel; however it really ends with a gauntlet being thrown down, so I look forward to a sequel.’
— Newtown Review of Books
‘Henley explores questions, underneath his fast-paced narrative, of the nature of privacy and the rights of the individual, from intrusive technology on the one hand to the development of psi powers on the other.‘
— The Sydney Morning Herald