Book 3 of the Pierre Jnr Trilogy

June 2015 | HarperCollins Voyager

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'a far-sighted evolution of today’s internet and social media...Henley’s series is shaping up well and promises a suitably epic conclusion’ George Williams, The Australian

As the Weave breaks down society begins to break down with it and a strange new robot calling itself SIB is appearing around the world offering their help. Who are the SIB? Who sent them? And whose side are they on?

Praise for Pierre Jnr:

Pierre will walk with us
Our hand will always be in his
Pierre’s will, is our will.
Pierre’s love, is our love.
One with Pierre, one with each other.
Let us now pray for the dawning of a new age.

As Pierre Jnr's control over the population becomes complete who – if anyone – will be able to stop him? Peter Lazarus who is just discovering his true power? The Scorpion reborn as Abercrombie Pinter becomes Prime? Or will Ryu Shima be able to defend against the enemy within? The epic conclusion to the trilogy sees a race against time as the world tries to solve multiple problems at once.

Convergence is everything I want from a great science fiction story. It is immersive, challenging, thoughtful and gripping. I was hooked from the start and it steadfastly refused to let me go until the very end in what was an amazing and very satisfying conclusion to the series. An absolute must read for anyone even remotely interested in speculative fiction, Convergence is a stunning and extraordinary vision of a possible future reality!
— Smash Dragons