Day 1: 2187.10.24 PET*

Someone always says 'woot' at the commencement of a journey. 'Huzzah', 'Woohoo', or 'Giddy up', punctuated with a seasoning of exclamation marks as per the tastes of the particular year.We decided that, for us, this person would be Hieronymous as he is after all in my employ and, as he explained, I should be the one to benefit from hearing an exclamation that no one has ever heard before, a combination of syllables that no human has before uttered; at sometime during the course of our first 12 hour stint. He agreed not to tell me when, nor to give away any clues as to the particular sounds he would deliver. I asked what he should get in return and he said that he would be the one to say it. He didn't disappoint. Hieronymous T Bumbly, humble manservant to a man commonly described as "unruly". Quite, patient, forthright, salt-of-the-earth Bumbly expelled his lungs and verbalized the emotions of the moment in a way that no amount of spelling could do justice to. We were going to the edge of the galaxy. Then we let off fireworks, because fireworks in space need to be seen to be believed.

* Paris Earth Time

The journey of Rahj Hadid and Hieronymous T Bumbly is first mentioned in Bumbly Goes Forth.


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