Eight years ago, Pierre Junior was born out of a psionic enhancement program. He escaped immediately after his birth and all attempts to find him failed. Now Pierre is back . . . and he’s taking over the world, one mind at a time.

The Pierre Junior Omnibus tells the story of a psionic messiah with unlimited telepathic and telekinetic powers who leads a rebellion that will either unite humanity or destroy it forever

From  Fantastica

‘A fantastic look at the idea of human prejudice and fear… He [David M Henley] has the potential to be another Peter F Hamilton or Daniel Suarez…’
— Fantasy Book Review
‘This future world takes the ethical dilemmas and tendencies of our own time on some scary trajectories . . . I enjoyed this novel; however it really ends with a gauntlet being thrown down, so I look forward to a sequel.’
— Newtown Review of Books